during this time of social distancing know that we are here to help you, schedule your video conference with a counselor here.

note: to keep your information secure, we request that the exchange of personal identifiable information be limited during conversations with our counselors. if necessary, please mask all information that is considered as personally identifiable. in order to maintain confidentiality with all information and records, no person, including but not limited to, marshall employees, visitors, clients, vendors, or a representative acting on behalf of marshall university, should record conversations of another without his or her prior knowledge and consent. recordings include audio and/or video, by any means including smart phones. the devices used to record via audio or video that are prohibited are inclusive of, but are not limited to, phones, voice recorders of any kind, video cameras of any kind, and microphones. by joining the meeting you hereby agree to all marshall university policies and terms of service. parents wanting to speak about a student’s account must have ferpa proxy on file before discussing account details.

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