dual enrollment & study abroad

dual enrollment

you may not receive federal financial aid at more than one institution of higher education for the same courses or at the same time. you must declare which institution is to be considered the “home school” or the institution where you will receive your degree for financial aid eligibility purposes. to be considered for financial aid as a dually enrolled student or a student taking courses elsewhere during a given semester, a consortium agreement form must be completed and approved by both marshall university and the other school. marshall university will only approve a consortium agreement when the host institution is a title iv participating in university or college.

study abroad

a student may receive student financial aid when participating in a marshall university-sponsored study-abroad program for which marshall university awards academic credit. in addition, the credits earned through the study abroad or exchange program must apply toward graduation in the student’s program at marshall university.

once a student has been approved by the study abroad office to study abroad in a program sponsored by marshall university, the student will be registered for study abroad at marshall university for the given semester or term for administrative purposes. although the student is taking courses abroad, the student is still considered a marshall university student for purposes of enrollment certification and financial aid eligibility.

the following topics provide additional information and requirements for students who wish to receive financial aid educational expenses for study abroad:

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